Want to learn how to swim?   Need  VO2Max Testing?    Body Composition Scanning (DEXA)?   ...We can recommend the best in the field.

Advice on kit, what and where to buy it?

We can also advise on gym memberships and, being founder members of South Coast Triathlon Club , we'll be encouraging you to join us.

About the TEAM

When you sign up for a plan with us you don't get a coach, you get a TEAM, and each of us has our own speciality.

John Innes
Triathlon Coach - Sports Nutritionist

086 859 3482   john@itricoaching.com
Suite 101, 1220 West Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware  U.S.A. 19901
Tel: 1-302-123-7777
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Brian Sanders
Triathlon Coach - Swim Instructor
Cycling Coach

086 895 8703   brian@itricoaching.com
Conor Coleman
Triathlon Coach - Physical Therapist
Strength & Conditioning Coach

087 684 7388   conor@itricoaching.com
Ricky Devereaux
Triathlon Coach -
AAI Running Coach

086 818 1366   ricky@itricoaching.com