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Step 1 - Contact Us here

Simply get in touch with us to tell us what you need.
- Signed up for a Triathlon?
- Breaking into middle/long distance events this year?
- Just want to lose weight and get fit?

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Suite 101, 1220 West Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware  U.S.A. 19901
Tel: 1-302-123-7777
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Step 2 - Consultation Interview

A face to face meeting to chat about your goals and explain the next steps.
We'll tell you what commitment is required for you to succeed,  what you can expect from us and we'll answer any questions you might have.
Step 3 - Fitness Assessment

Into the gym for some testing...

It's all about statistics as we get a picture of your current levels of the pool, on the bike and the treadmill.

There's a health questionnaire to be completed and we might ask about recent race results if you have a few.
Diet & Nutrition

You'll need to keep a food diary that you'll submit to us after 1-week

If we can see what you're eating we'll be able to
recommend a training diet that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

All calories are NOT equal but we believe that modifying your diet is far more effective than changing it dramatically when getting clients onto a healthy diet.
It's absolutely FREE up to this point!
If you now decide to go ahead we'll get you started with your plan and a €50 Set-Up fee applies
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