What's in a Plan?

We've got your stats - You've signed up and committed - Next step is to get you started on your iTriCoaching Personalised Training Plan....it's tailored specifically to achieve your goals.

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As you'd expect!
A weekly training plan that includes Swim, Bike and Run sessions.

Your Base, Tempo, Intervals, Long and Brick workouts will be sent weekly by email or an online service such as Training Peaks
The Physical Bit

A weekly 20-min chat to see how your week has gone and what's in next week's plan
Weekly Catch-up

Record your workouts and share the data with us for analysis.
Use the old-fashioned pen and paper or preferably Training Peaks
Track & Share
your Workouts

As well as the physical activity you'll receive a tailored diet.
You are what you eat and we want you to be at your BEST on race day
Diet &
Had a tough day? Missed a session?
Need some support or advice?
Anything! Just Phone or e-mail us
*Fair Usage Applies
24/7 1-2-1 Support

These will help you iron out bad habits and ensure you're performing your training sessions properly.
- offered on an as-required basis
Coached Sessions
During your initial assessment we'll be looking for weaknesses
Our S&C Coach will give you a gym & weights plan to fix them
Strength &
Share experiences, thoughts and ideas, offer support and interact with other athletes
Closed Facebook Group

From time to time we run 1/2-day training workshops and weekend training camps
You'll have priority access as an active client
Priority Access
Your weekly Training Plan
e-mailed on Sunday night
15min Coach Call
Build your core stability
Training & Race strategy
A coach is just a call away
Swim, Cycle, Run or Gym

to camps & seminars
we use TrainingPeaks
chat and share thoughts and tips

Fair Usage policy,
Terms & conditions apply

€50 Set-up fee  -  €80 per calendar month  -  OR  -  €20 per week

Your plan includes discounted entry to sessions, seminars and camps. Additional calls or 1-2-1 sessions are chargeable on an ad-hoc basis.

We have coaches at most races to offer on-the-day advice but will travel to other events if requested where fees and expenses are agreed and covered by the client prior to those events.